Up to date SLFEA happy to announce that the database consists with 10,000+ qualified candidates registered in different categories and over the years following categories has a high demand.

Demanding Categories


Sri Lanka Foreign Employment Agency (SLFEA) was established in 1996 under the Registrar of Companies, through a Memorandum and Articles of Association and SLFEA functions under the purview of The State Ministry of Foreign Employment Promotions and Market Diversification. SLFEA acts as the government recruiting agent who caters employment for foreign companies.

The SLFEA has been established for the purpose of directing youth for foreign Employment. We function in association with local and foreign employment agencies to secure employment opportunities for the Sri Lankan youth with full state intervention.



"A 100% government owned institution, and a subsidiary of Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment, Sri Lanka Foreign Employment Agency was established in 1996. Its main aim is to provide an efficient and appropriate service to those seeking employment abroad, and serve as the primary recruitment agency in the country."


To be the best provider of competent, talented and quality employees for overseas job markets.


Explore foreign job markets, train and identify Sri Lankan youth to fit in to such markets and recruit them for jobs under well secured conditions, while strengthening the coordination with respective ministries, ministerial institutions and private institutions that relate to the activities and primary objectives of the agency.